Where do I begin?

The answer to this is quite simple. If you’re a developer/home builder with a set of architectural drawings or a homeowner with pictures of what you currently have/want, email it to info@deluxestair.com along with a phone call to the head office of Deluxe Stair & Railing Ltd at 905-420-2493. Given the time frame, space, concept, and budget you are working with, the professionals at Deluxe Stair & Railing Ltd do the very best to meet all of your targets and our history is a testament of where we are today and why we are continuing to grow as a leader in the industry.

When can you measure?

If you are a home builder/developer it is important to have your openings already cut/framed with floor to floor heights that can be taken. Having your walls in place will also allow for the Deluxe Stair & Railing Ltd professionals to determine possible risks with where your stairs land. It is fairly common for stairs and railings to veer off of the original drawing designs. If you are a homeowner, it typically makes sense to call one of the professionals when you are set on when you want the work to commence. If the situation is lived-in or under full renovations, the team at Deluxe Stair & Railing Ltd will advise you of appropriate steps to take so that there are no surprises.

How do I know what I am getting?

Deluxe Stair & Railing Ltd cares very much about your hard earned dollar and we take the necessary steps to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want. Whether it’s through a process of pictures of our very own work or through other sources to determine exact details of what you want to achieve, we categorize every piece of the project to make sure you are familiar of what your results will end up becoming. Our general rule is to follow the architectural plans but upon final measurements, some areas of our measurements may not necessarily jive with the intended drawings so we take the extra step to provide you with a Basic Overview which will allow you to see dimensions of the staircase and where our lines expect to line up in your space.

Do you stain/paint?

Unfortunately, we do not provide finishing services. Our products are all installed in a raw state with the exception of a few pre-painted wooden spindle lines as well as our wrought iron profiles which are usually in a Textured Black finish.

Are your team members licensed?

In the stair and railing industry, we are regulated by code with the very latest Ontario Building Code but licensing/training programs do not exist in this industry. When choosing a stair and railing company to perform work for you, know that Deluxe Stair & Railing Ltd is built up with professionally trained employees who are all insured. Our old-fashioned techniques are instilled in every department and our methods of procedure are put in place to ensure the best quality of products for our valued clients.