Whether you are renovating the home you live in or building a brand-new home, we strive to make this crucial first step as clear and concise as possible. By emailing plans for your home or pictures of existing items, we start to narrow down what is required while referencing the new concepts you might be seeking.

Site Measure + Layouts:

The next stage after approval of pricing are physical site measurements to ensure that the intended design can be carried out and whether possible changes to the design can be achieved. Once complete, we offer a full package detail of your stairs which includes cross sections, plan views, rendering concept and an interactive 3D display as we know how essential it is to be visual!

Supply + Install

At Deluxe, all of our products are made in-house. With the exception of turned spindles and metal spindles, we create your stairs and railings from scratch.

We use up date equipment to be as precise as possible from the very length of cut to the thickness of your finished materials. In the warehouse, a lead builder is in charge of each individual project at any given time to see through to completion as efficiently as possible.

Once completed, our in-house staff will assemble our stairs and railings at the project location. Rest assured that each team member is covered under WSIB and our collective safety procedure which includes our state-of-the-art winch system to add to the level of safe install of stairs. All items are installed in a raw form and our staircases are fully wrapped in our 5mm branded poly for protection so that access is still provided for our fellow tradesmen, supervisors and owners.