Deluxe was once a small operation in the early 1990’s by one man in a two-car garage of the family home...

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"Since our inception, a fairly common style of traditional stairs and railings applied across the board in Toronto and abroad. A commonality between competition with the same expectations that many clients had with turned profiles and standard steps.

Fast forward into the 21st century, we experienced a change with a growing, diverse market of home owners, builders, designers and architects alike. Concepts differed from one street to another. The unique sense of execution grew stronger to suit the pallets of a new, culturally influenced clientele.

Today, we are a second generation family business with our operations centralized in Toronto and abroad. With an amazing team of motivated and passionate individuals, we are virtually limitless and able to cater to all markets for staircases small and large. Our exclusive relationships with builders is a testament to our quality and service as we have operated for the last 23+ years. As we see advancements in this beautiful industry, we harness and adapt to ways that we can bring more value in all that we can provide for our customers".

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